Lisa B.

Forever Kaleigh blew me away. I started it Monday evening and couldnt put it down for 5 hours! When I got up Tuesday I picked it up every spare second to read even just a paragraph or two. I finished it last night. It was incredible, it felt like they were so real! I laughed and I had tears rolling down my face, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. I It was the best book I have ever read!

Connie P. 

I found this book hard to put down. The author is female, yet writes from the perspective of a male character. The book is compelling, and I believe it would make an excellent movie, whether it be an HBO or television movie. Each chapter is filled with an interesting chain of events, twists and turns. The ending is fascinating and surprising.


Matt H.

Amazing! I absolutely recommend it!

Lisa B.

‚ÄčI so totally did NOT see that coming!  Another great book! I loved it!