Forever Kaleigh The Second Edition

At 29 years old, I was an asset in the field of corporate law and the newest addition to the Caldwell & Associates law firm. Little did I know the very day I started I would meet my future wife. Kaleigh Elizabeth Caldwell walked into my office, became my best friend and never left my heart.  The past seventeen years have been filled with incredible joy, great passion and gut-wrenching heartache. Our lives have endured every turn and drop life's roller-coaster has surprised us with, some of which I wouldn't have wished on my worst enemy. My name is Peter Phillips and this is my life with the boss's daughter.

A Tree Between Us

Have you ever missed someone so much that you wonder if they miss you too?

Ava misses her grandmother very much and questions her about missing her also. With love and comfort, Oma reassures Ava that even though the distance is great, she is never far from her heart. 

​Mackenzie's Journal

The Lucky Love Tree

A true story about a Cottonwood tree in our backyard. Having meant something different to each family member, we didn't truly understand how much we loved the tree until it no longer stood.

Mema's Magical Music Tree

Have you ever seen a sign from a loved one in Heaven?
Come join Joseph while he tells an inspirational story of Heaven's little signs. 
A little Faith can go a long way for healing.

The Sky Was So Blue       

Growing up on a ranch in Bennett, Colorado, Mackenzie learned early on that life was just not fair. Having been an angry child, she grew to become a rebellious teenager making one bad choice after another. One disastrous choice opened the gates to a Hell on Earth for her. All she ever wanted was to be loved, but all she got in return was fear and pain. Will she ever find true love? Will she ever find peace in the place where the sky is so blue?