About the Author

         I am the youngest sibling in a line of ten. Nearly five years separate me from the older clan of nine. From the time I was very young, I always felt left behind, because they could do things that I was not allowed to do. But all was not lost, I kept myself entertained in my imagination; forming wild adventures in the fantasy worlds that only existed in my mind. Sometimes I would act them out while I played in the woods near my home and sometimes I would write them down in a journal.  As I grew older, writing became a wonderful outlet for all of my fantasy creations. 

      Though many authors stick to just one genre, I prefer to let my creativity run freely. I never know from book to book what will flow through my fingers to the keyboard.  I just let words come and look forward to what it ends up to be!

      Thank you for visiting! I sincerely hope you find something that you will enjoy!‚Äč

Thank you for visiting!