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One disastrous choice changed her life forever. Will Mackenzie ever find love in a place where The Sky Was So Blue?

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​June 13th, 2014    

Busy, busy, busy!

Time has been moving so fast! With sneakers to the pavement I am doing my best to keep up with it!  First and foremost, I want to say a great big THANK YOU! to everyone who has purchased my two recent books Forever Kaleigh - The Second Edition and The Lucky Love Tree... more 


​March 5th, 2014
The Tale of Two Kaleighs

     Yes at one time, there was another Forever Kaleigh​.  Both were written by me.  To understand why there are two different versions, I first need to explain where the first Forever Kaleigh came from. In late 1993, I was four months pregnant and involved in a very serious automobile accident...

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